This image displays the entire board
This image shows the top of the board where the most ornate detailing is found. A bold hibiscus is the emblem in the center, surrounded by ginger, waves, canoe sails and floral tribal.
This image shows the bottom end of the surfboard which is detailed with shapely tribal stripes on either side that taper out to a needlepoint end.

Koa Surfboard ~ Original Collaboration

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  Matthew D’Avella and Alex Gupton

“Koa Surfboard" ~ Original Collaboration

Koa Sculpture and Pen & Ink I 10' x 18" x 3"
Size: 10 ft x 18 in x 3 in
Released Exclusively for Gupton Gallery, the collaboration between Matthew D'Avella (Woodworking) and Alex Gupton (Pen & Ink) is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind Original!  Meticulously Pen & Inked floral and tribal detailing helps to accentuate the form of the surfboard created by Matthew D'Avella.