Inside Passage ~ Original Sculpture

Inside Passage ~ Original Sculpture

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Tai Lake "Master Woodworker" 

“Inside Passage"

3D Kamani Wood Sculpture | 86" height x 27" wide x 14" deep | Original Artwork
Inside Passage is crafted from Kamani wood, which ripple and flow may recall feelings of a bird, whale or manta ray.  However, the artist feels that all of those descriptions seem to "tame" the piece and force the viewer to see it from a certain perspective.  Within this piece, boxes are left intentionally open as invitations to look into and through the natural form to draw the viewer through the piece and into the world beyond. The boxes might also serve as small altars for found objects. The space between all these ideas is the inside passage, where the world can be whatever you decide. This piece may be removed from it's wooden base and hung and on a wall or in a window.  Size is approximate.  
Artwork is finished with a high quality catalyzed lacquer and further protected by fine furniture wax. Instructions for care of artwork is included with purchase.  Please inquire for crate and shipping information.

Kamani wood grows on the coastal areas on the Hilo side of this island. The Kamani tree will grow very straight when alone, but the seeds drop close to the mother tree, forcing the new growth to reach out sideways to get light. Eventually the trees are growing almost parallel to the ground and the immense tension that occurs gives us this beautiful twisted curly grain. It is one of the “canoe plants” brought to the island on the earliest Polynesian voyages because it is considered a sacred tree, providing beautiful timber and oils that have medicinal properties.