Epiphany Through Song

Epiphany Through Song

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Randal J. Hruska - Author

“Epiphany Through Song”

Inspirational Book  | 187 Pages 

Inspiration to write the book came from the desire to share  the ideas, theology, definitions, spiritual interpretations and epiphany experiences the author had listening to songs.

The Author is married/50 years, father/5 children, grandfather/8 grandchildren, a sister and deceased brother, Uncle, 8 nieces/nephews, Brother-in-law. He is experienced in 60+ years of family life relationships. 

B.S. College Degree in Bus.Adm., Ace Hardware Retailer 35 years, WY.Cattle Rancher 23 years, Ordained Deacon/Catholic Church active 15 years/Parish and Prison Ministry - Retired 1/1/22. The Author brings real life experiences, from real life situations, from a real family, and real life businesses and real life - Ordained Ministry.

The Book is written, as the Author is speaking to an audience, instead of writing to a reader. Language is down to earth, terms are explained on the same page, Scriptures from the Bible are used as reference material for the Authors ideas and theological opinions.

The Book is spiritual,non-denominational,non-judgemental,is non-exclusive and provides for NO guarantees of health cures/miracles/fortunes or promises of being saved.The 22 songs from 1961-2003, from different music genres, are for the inspiration, transformation and invitation to a relationship with God and others.

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