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Ailaau Dancing

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G. Brad Lewis ~ 'Volcano Man'

Ailaau Dancing

A huge three mile wide ocean entry with Ahuʻailāʻau vent fountaining in the distance.
It was Aila’au present during the 2018 eruption, not Pele, and many Hawaiians told me to be very careful, as they were worried about my safety.
Its a long story; in a nutshell - When Pele came to the island Hawaiʻi, seeking a permanent home, she found another god of fire already in possession of the territory. ʻAilāʻau (ʻAi-lāʻau) was known and feared by all the people. ʻAi means the “one who eats or devours.” Lāʻau means “tree” or a “forest.” ʻAilāʻau was, therefore, the fire-god devouring forests.

Photograph | Metal Print  | Open Edition
Metal Open Edition  | 12" x 18" | 16" x 24" | 20" x 30" | 24" x 36" | 30" x 40" 
Signed Photograph on metal. 

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