Cube Top Table  ~ Original Furniture
Cube Top Table  ~ Original Furniture

Cube Top Table ~ Original Furniture

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Steve Antonellis - 

“Cube Top Table" ~ Original Furniture

Wooden Game Table | Hawaiian Koa, Maple, Ebony and Holly | 27" Height x 17" Diameter | Original

The "Cube-Top" Table is a reproduction of a 19th century English Antique table. The table is
made from Hawaiian Koa Wood, with maple drawers and a detail touch of ebony. The top of the table and the lower shelf incorporate hand cut pieces of koa arranged to give the illusion of "cubes". If you stand about 3-4 feet from the table and slowly walk around it you can watch the colors of the koa pieces change from light to dark and back to light again as the lighting strikes the grain of the wood. There are no coloring or dyes used to give the color-shifting illusion. As you walk around the table you will also see the cube pattern shift and restack to a different cube orientation three times. Each piece is meticulously hand cut from a single piece of koa with the grain appropriately aligned which results in the color-shifting and cube reorientation. The legs incorporate a fine inlayed string of holly. The drawer pull is solid brass reproduction hardware.  The table comes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.