Jewels of the Sea
Jewels of the Sea

Jewels of the Sea

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Kate and Will Jacobson "Originators of Naked Raku" 

“Jewels of the Sea”

Ceramic Vessel | 19"height x 12"deep x 5" width | Wave Form
Diatoms are microscopic organisms that comprise nearly half of the organic matter in the worlds’ oceans. Although invisible to the naked eye, diatoms surround us, nurture us and unite us. This piece features bioluminescence; appearing transformed in light or dark environments. We use this juxtaposition to express the dichotomy of life on Earth. The intersection between science and art informs us as we explore and embrace the complexity of our times. Both are essential for the future of humanity
This unique piece of art is hand thrown clay infused with colored mica.  Imagery is dry etched through the glaze and then fired with a Naked Raku technique. Colors are enhanced after firing by hand painting acrylic washes and then the piece is sprayed with a UV protectant to ensure a legacy of lasting beauty.  Each vessel is made individually by the artists and is hand thrown and hand painted. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in size and imagery and is signed and dated.

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