Nalu Sculpture


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Ruben Aira

“Nalu” Surfboard

Resin Sculpture | 18" x 83 1/4" x 4" | Limited Edition of 50
The Story of  "Aina" n "Kai"  and limited edition "Nalu"
These two pieces began their lives as surfboards riding the waves of the north shore of Oahu.  When I got them their days of surfing were over but their time as works of art had just begun.  The process of turning a surfboard into a gallery quality piece of art began many years ago when I found a broken board in my yard I decided to try and make something with it. Since that day I have been creating my own tools and techniques to bring to life this newest of Hawaiian art forms. My carvings hang in galleries all over Hawaii and have sold to customers all over the world.  They have been given as trophies for the Hawaiian Pro and Vans Triple Crown Championship!
Aina and Kai were created to represent the natural beauty of Hawaii and the time I have spent hiking mountain trails and submerged beneath the waves, when completed I sent the original to a fine art foundry on the mainland to have molds and reproductions created. These limited edition reproductions are made from a heavy duty resin and once I have cleaned them up and applied a primer coat I hand paint each one (no two are the same) making each piece an original painting.
The original surfboard Kai was presented to Griffin Colapinto as a trophy for winning the 2017 Vans Triple Crown championship 2019 trophy was won by Kelly Slater ! 2020 Trophy was won by John John Florence. Nalu is the # 3/50 limited original of Kai . 

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