Steven Power

Steven Power

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Steven Power

Ultra realist painter of fantasy landscape / seascapes, Steven Power is held in high regard by art collectors worldwide. Every painting captures a uniquely powerful scene, commanding the attention of the viewer to a marvelous natural landscape.  Buyers from Japan to Texas are all struck by the same wonder.

“Steven’s art is a window to Paradise” 

“It’s as though you can walk right into his vision of Eden.” 

Steven was born in 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, but raised on the beaches of Los Angeles. After taking to surfing at a young age, he’s been a dedicated beach bum ever since. 

Steven’s long love affair with the ocean and nature in general has been well-documented in his huge portfolio of works. He’s spent a lifetime surfing every spot in California, Mexico, and Hawaii, always chasing that ever elusive “perfect wave.” Inspiration also comes from his many years among the mountains and deserts of California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

Steven has been in the business of art for decades, with experience in everything from creative set painting and studio backdrop creation for rock videos and film productions, to sculpture and fine art commissions. He also has years of experience working with architects and interior designers creating murals and fantastic faux finishes in some of the finest homes throughout California and Hawaii.